PhD Political Studies Seminar Series

The NASP PhD Programme in Political Studies is glad to announce the



A.Y. 2023-2024  


Political Institutions & Regimes Series (PIRSS)

• 07/06/2024 - h. 12.30-14.30, SPS Seminar room (Conservatorio)
Europe under threat: intra-institutional and cross-border challenges

Tamara Grechanaya (Postdoc, University of Milan)
Diplomacy in Crisis: Effect of President Zelensky's Diplomatic Endeavors

Matilde Ceron (Postdoc, Paris Lodron Universitat Salzburg)
Exposure to democracy and MEPs attitude toward EU integration


• 13/06/2024 - h. 14.30-16.30, SPS Seminar room (Conservatorio)
The politics of issues: party competition and citizens' support for governments

Anna Ludovica Vinelli (PhD candidate, POLS)
The strategic choices in parties' competition on political issues

Kostantin Bogatyrev (PhD candidate, Bocconi University)
Immigration and Far-Right Government Support


Scientific Board
Andrea Pedrazzani (University of Milan)
Andrea Cassani (University of Milan)
Tamara Grechanaya (Postdoc - University of Milan)

Parties, Voters & Elections Seminar Series (PVES)

• 09/05/2024 – h. 14.30-16.30 - SPS seminar room (Conservatorio)
Christian Kloetzer (POLS PhD candidate) and Francesco Piacentini (Postdoc UNIMI)
The radical right family ideological outlook and radical right attitude among the public


06/06/2024 - h. 14.30-16.30 - SPS seminar room (Conservatorio)
Jessica Rosco (POLS PhD candidate)
Technocracy in the Spotlight: Unpacking Public Support for EU Interventions during Crises


04/07/2024 - h. 14.30-16.30 - SPS seminar room (Conservatorio)
Daan Delespaul (PhD candidate Loeven)
A Common Two-dimensional Structure? Comparing Demand-side Political Spaces of 8 European Democracies


17/07/2024 - h. 14.30-16.30 - SPS seminar room (Conservatorio)
Arianna Colombo (POLS PhD candidate) and Celestina Valeria De Tommaso (POLS PhD candidate)
Political competition and Minimum Income Scheme. The case of Citizenship Income in the last Italian election campaign


Scientific Board
Cristiano Vezzoni (University of Milan)
Allessandro Pellegata (University of Milan)
Jessica Rosco (POLS PhD candidate)

Welfare & Public Policies Series (WPPS)

• 13/12/23 - h. 14.30 - SPS Seminar Room (Passione)
Emmanuele Pavolini (University of Milan) and Luigi Burrioni (University of Florence)
Regional economic specialization models between growth regimes and welfare state services

Matteo Jessoula, and Marcello Natili (University of Milan) 
At the roots of the Italian unbalanced welfare state. Cold War, systemic imperatives and "red-white" political competition


• 30/01/24 - h. 14:30 - SPS Seminar Room (Conservatorio)
Niccoló Donati (Post-doc, University of Milan)
The drivers of cross-national solidarity: the case of cohesion policies


• 13/03/24 - h. 14.30 - SPS Seminar Room (Passione)
Jaewook Lee (Post-doc, University of Milan)
Automation, Economic Insecurity, and Gendered Social Policy Attitudes: Evidence From South Korea

Gregorio Buzzelli (PhD candidate, POLS), Francesco Nicoli (Polytechnic of Turin), Brian Burgoon (UvA), Stefano Sacchi (Polytechnic of Turin)
Globalisation and Automation as Sources of Labour Market Competition and Support for European Union Unemployment Insurance


• 17/04/24 - h. 12.30 - SPS Seminar Room (Passione)
Beatrice Carella (Post-doc, University of Milan)
Populism from the left and the welfare state

Francesco Bagnardi (Post-doc, University of Milan)
The transnational representation of platform workers


• 15/05/2024, h. 12.30 - SPS Seminar room (Passione)
Llorenç Soler-Buades (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Social Democracy, the New Left and the Politics of Workfare

Alvarino Manuel (PhD, EUI)
The civil politics of (de)genderization: feminist platforms and policy feedback effects in Spanish leave reform


• 12/06/2024, h. 14.30 - SPS Seminar Room (Passione)
Valeria De Tommaso (PhD, University of Milan)
The politics of long-term care

Jaewook Lee (Post-doc, University of Milan)
Mapping eco-social policies to tackle energy poverty


Scientific Board
Matteo Jessoula (University of Milan)
Marcello Natili (University of Milan)
Valeria De Tommaso (POLS PhD candidate)
Paolo Funari (POLS PhD candidate)

International Relations Series (IRS)

• 16/04/2024 – h. 12.30-16.30 - Via Pace 10, Room B
David Haglund (Queen's University—Ontario)
The Second Coming? Revisiting the Clementi-Haglund-Locatelli "Italianization" Thesis

Edoardo Maria Landoni (PhD Candidate, POLS)
A More Aggressive Strategy for a More Insecure America? An Analysis of US Cyber Posture During the Trump Administration


• 23 April 2024, h. 14.30-16.30 - Via Pace, 10, Room B
Andrea Gilli (Senior Researcher NATO Defense College)
Climate Change and International Security

Agata Lavorio (Postdoc, University of Milan)
Geopolitics of Climate Change: The perspective of the US military on the Arctic


• September 2024, Room TBA
Sara Berloto (PhD Candidate, POLS)
Understanding China's Rise and the Future of the International Order


• October 2024, Room TBA
Edoardo Maria Landoni (PhD Candidate, POLS)
Neuropolitics and Great Powers Competition


Scientific Board
Andrea Locatelli (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milan)
Sara Berloto (POLS PhD Candidate)
Edoardo Landoni (POLS PhD Candidate)

Permanent Seminar in Political and Legal Philosophy

• 18/03/2024 - h. 10.30-12-30 - Seminar Room (Passione)
Francesca Miccoli (Postdoc, University of Basel and Adjunct, Univerity of Milan)
Embracing Pluralism: A Queer Legal Approach to Diverse Family Relationships


• 15/05/2024 - h. 9.30-11.00 - Seminar Room Passione)
Lucia Cucchi (POLS PhD Candidate)
Chronicity chronicles: epistemic injustice in Chronic Pelvic Pain patients


• 11/06/2024 - h. 11.00-13.00 - Seminar Room (Passione)
Linda Priano (POLS PhD Candidate)
The Rules of the Game of Democratic Public Discourse


Scientific Board
Giulia Bistagnino (University of Milan)
Alessandra Facchi (University of Milan)
Beatrice Magni (University of Milan)
Francesca Pasquali (University of Milan)
Nicola Riva (University of Milan)


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