BBS seminar series 2022

NASP is pleased to announce the 
Brown Bag Seminars of Political Philosophy 
Seminar series

8 February - 20 September 2022
Seminar room (Passione-2nd floor) and on Zoom
Department of Social and Political Sciences
University of Milan
Via Conservatorio, 7 - Milan



8 FEBRUARY 2022 - online - h. 11.30
Ingrid Robeyns (Utrecht University) 
The Structure of Limitarianism

Chair: Giulia Visintini (NASP-POLS 35th cohort)
Discussant: Elena Icardi (NASP-POLS 35th cohort)

14 MARCH 2022 - h. 11.00
Rebecca Buxton (University of Cambridge)
Voluntary Statelessness

Chair: Gloria Zuccarelli (NASP-POLS 34th cohort)

26 APRIL 2022 - Room B, Via Pace 10 - h. 11.00
Ian Carter (University of Pavia)
Basic Equality and Contexts of Opacity Respect

Chair: Elena Icardi (NASP-POLS 35th cohort)
Discussant: Ilkin Huseynli (NASP-POLS 36th cohort)

3 MAY 2022 - h. 11.00
Phil Cole (University of the West of England)
Refugees and Political Theorists: The Problem of Complicity

Chair: Francesca Miccoli (NASP-POLS 34th cohort)
Discussant: Gloria Zuccarelli (NASP-POLS 34th cohort)

24 MAY 2022 - online - h. 11.30
Luke Brunning (University of Birmingham)
Romantic life: agency, practice, virtue

Chair: Giulia Visintini (NASP-POLS 35th cohort)
Discussant: Francesca Miccoli (NASP-POLS 34th cohort)

14 JUNE 2022 - h. 11.00 
Elizabeth Brake (Rice University)
The Wrong of Stalking

Chair: Gloria Zuccarelli (NASP-POLS 34th cohort)
Discussant: Francesca Miccoli (NASP-POLS 34th cohort)

20 SEPTEMBER 2022 - online - h. 11.00
Yannis Stavrakakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
Studying Populism Today: Challenges and Orientations

Chair: Ilkin Huseynli (NASP-POLS 36th cohort)
Discussant: Giulia Visintini (NASP-POLS 35th cohort)


Scientific committee:

Ilkin Huseynli (POLS – 36th cohort); Elena Icardi (POLS – 35th cohort); Francesca Miccoli (POLS – 34th cohort); Giulia Visintini (POLS – 35th cohort); Gloria Zuccarelli (POLS – 34th cohort).

To know more about the Brown Bag Seminars, please, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Normativity in the Anthropocene


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