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Turin Welcome Day - 27/10/16

Turin Welcome Day - 27/10/16

SOMET PhD Programme is glad to announce Turin Welcome Day Thursday, ...

Video - Project colloquium Oct.'16

  In order to look at the video recording of the Project colloqu...

Mission and Partners


Ph.D. in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research - SOMET Ph.D.

6 scholarships + 6 extra scholarships "in memory of Valeria Solesin"

Six PhD scholarships (duration: 3 years) in memory of Valeria Solesin, the Italian PhD student at Paris-Sorbonne University killed in the terror attacks at Bataclan in November 2015, have been assigned by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research to our PhD Programme in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research.
All six positions will imply a joint degree with a French University, where the PhD students will spend 18 months of their doctoral training.

Three of these scholarships will be assigned to candidates who earned a master's degree in France.

Please note: if you have any question concerning the Ph.D. application procedure, you may send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Mission and Partners

The Ph.D. programme in Sociology has a longstanding tradition of excellence in Italy. It was one of the first to be established after the 1980 university reform and has provided a large number of outstanding academic sociologists who have gone on to make significant contributions to teaching and research in Italy and abroad. The aim of the programme is to provide structured training in theoretically-guided empirical research across a wide range of sociological fields and to introduce students to current international debates in both qualitative and quantitative social research.

The course consists of a three-year programme of 60 credits per year. The first year is devoted to basic training, in conjunction with the activities of the Faculty's interdisciplinary Graduate School in Social and Political Sciences. The second year is partly spent in a relevant university department abroad and is devoted to the initial drafting of the thesis. The third year is entirely spent completing the thesis.


Graduates will be able to compete successfully for positions as researchers (in public and private universities and research centers), skilled professionals and consultants in sociology to public agencies and international organizations and institutions in Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

In 2013, the PhD Programme in Sociology has made an agreement with the University of Turin and given rise to the new PhD programme in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research. The Programme is thus enriched with new skills and research fields, and reinforces its position among the leading programs in Italy in terms of doctoral excellence.

Since 2014-2015, the PhD programme in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research (SOMET) has offered PhD positions for joint degrees with two LERU partner universities – University of Amsterdam and Lund University.

For the cycle starting in 2016-17, we are offering one scholarship for a joint degree with the University of Amsterdam.


Joint degree with University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR)

For this PhD position (3 years) we welcome projects in the area of health, care and risk that look at the relation between institutional arrangements and everyday life. What is, for instance, understood and experienced as 'illness', as (proper) care for older and disabled people or children, or as 'formal' and 'informal' varies across time, across societies and within societies along the lines of gender and sexuality, class, ethnicity/race, religiosity and generations and is shaped by and shaping cultural norms and socialization processes. Questions that can be addressed are (a) How institutions shape the cultural, social, and political meaning of health and care across societies and across social groups within societies (b) How institutional change - at the intersection of globalization/Europeanization, citizens demands and new technologies - affects the diverse meanings and political understandings of health and care. (c) How everyday practices reproduce or challenge these meanings and how institutions are affected by everyday concerns.

Projects that look at the same relation between institutional arrangements and everyday life in areas other than those indicated will be also considered.

The research areas covered by the PhD Programme now include:

Cultural Processes: Body and Consumer Culture; Emotions; Everyday life; Intercultural Relations; Lifestyles; Multiculturalism; Youth Cultures.

Media and the Public Sphere: Citizenship; Digital Media; Language and Communication; Public Opinion; Social Media and Political Participation; Social Movements.

Methodology of Social Research: Applied Multivariate Analysis; Ethnography; Epistemology of Social Research; Qualitative and Quantitative Methods; Statistics and Mathematics for the Social Sciences.

Social Inequalities and demographic change: Childhood and Children; Family and Welfare; Gender; Health; Intergenerational Relationships; International Migration; Poverty and Social Exclusion; Social Inequalities.

Urban Spaces: City and Urban Life; Gentrification; Modernization and Local Development; Space and Mobilities; Urban Ethnography.

For each of these sociological areas/topics, the PhD Programme places particular emphasis on the integration of theory and methodology of research.


A more detailed list of research topics and possible supervisors is available here:




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