Instructions for the Call 2015/2016


Here follows a short summary of the application procedure:


Entry Requirements

In order to apply for one of the NASP Ph.D. Programmes, applicants should possess either:

• an Italian Laurea Magistrale (or equivalent degree)
• a Master's Degree (or equivalent degree)

Applicants who expect to obtain one of the above degrees within October 31, 2015 are also eligible to apply for admission

How to Submit

Applications must be submitted no later than August 31th, 2015 at 13.00 (Italian Time).

In order to submit the application, it is required to follow these steps:

• Register to the University website at in the section "Accesso Rapido" - "Servizi"- "Registrazione" (this is not required if the applicant is already registered to the University online system)
• Login to the SIFA online services at "Servizi online SIFA - LOGIN"
• Select "Servizi di Ammissione" - "Ammissione ai corsi post laurea" - "Dottorati di ricerca" and then follow the instructions
• During the procedure the applicant will be prompted to pay a € 50,00 fee. The payment can be made immediately by credit card or by printing the MAV payment form generated by the SIFA. Foreign applicants living outside Italy and paying by MAV form can complete the payment procedure once in Italy, by delivering the MAV receipt at the University International Students Desk located in via S. Sofia n. 9/1.

Important: If you encounter any technical related issue during the above online procedure (errors, webpages not working, etc), please submit the issue to the InfoMail Service available here (on the right of the page - "Infomail segreterie" link)

Application procedure involves the upload of the following documents (it is possible to upload in .pdf .rtf .jpg formats, no larger than 10Mb):

A. Diploma Supplement, or Degree certificate in Italian or English with course examinations passed and final grade (This is not required for applicants who graduated at the University of Milan);
B. Curriculum Vitae, with a description of any professional experience and other qualifications held by the applicant;
C. Research project in English (see the official Call for the related form);
D. Copy of passport (only for foreign applicants);
E. Any publication in Italian or in English;
F. Request for online interview (only if needed by the applicant - see the official Call for the related form);
G. Annex A of the Call for Application.

Please note that failure to provide one of the documents at items A, B or C will result in the exclusion from the competition.


Reference letters

In addition to the above documentation, one or more (see the Offical Call for details) letters of reference must be drawn up in accordance with the form provided with the Call for Application and must be sent directly by the lecturer or expert providing the reference as a .pdf document to the relevant email address for each course as indicated in the Call for Application.

Please see to it that the provider of the reference letter puts the following in the subject field: "Lettera di presentazione - Dottorato di ricerca in ... " or "Academic Reference Form - Ph.D. Programme in ...".

The letters must be sent to the email address specified in the official Call according to the same deadline of the application procedure, i.e. no later than August 31th, 2015 at 13.00 (Italian Time).

Exam Procedure

Examination procedure is divided into two stages:

1. in the first stage the Examining Committee evaluates the qualifications for compliance with the criteria established by the Ph.D. Faculty Committee;
2. in the second stage the candidates are interviewed by the Ph.D. Examining Committee, in order to ascertain their preparation, skills and aptitude for scientific research and personal motivation. The interview also aims at verifying the applicant's knowledge of the educational and academic areas specified for the Ph.D. and includes the applicant's formal presentation of the research project he or she proposes to conduct.

In order to be properly identified, applicants attending the interview must provide the Committee with a valid up to date ID document (ID Card, passport, Italian driving licence).

Foreign students who are not able to reach Milan for the interview may ask to be interviewed online. To this end, they must fill the specific form attached to the Call for Application specifying all the data required to the online interview. An identifying individual whose ID documents are to be submitted to the Committee together with the ID document of the candidate is required to complete the online iterview.


The information on this page is collected from the official Call to make the application procedure easier. However, a thorough and careful reading of the official Calls for Application is highly recommended to successfully apply for the Ph.D. Programme. 

































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