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Structure of Studies: Introduction

From the Academic Year 2013/2014 NASP offers three Ph.D. programmes administratively based at the Department of Social and Political Sciences (SPS) of the University of Milan: Economic Sociology and Labour Studies, Political Studies and Sociology and Methodology of Social Research. 

Each programme focuses primarily on advanced training in the respective discipline to enable students to master the dominant paradigms, research methods and essential literature. In addition, NASP provides an opportunity for cross-disciplinary training in approaches and methods. The objective is to teach graduate students to combine the rigorous use of their disciplinary tool kit with knowledge of the tool kits of adjacent disciplines.

First year students of the three doctorates share the same working environment predominantly at the NASP Graduate School at the University of Milan and follow some common courses provided at the NASP GS or in the Departments of the network.

Second and third year students will work in close contact with their supervisor in the NASP research Departments.

All training activities are thought in English.