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Corda Tiziana

201810312220st corda


Topic of the thesis: The limits of coercive diplomacy. Uncovering the effects of sanctions on Iran's behaviour.

Abstract: It aims to explore whether by means of external pressure it is possible to obtain a desired change in Iran's behaviour in terms of normalization of its revolutionary worldview, discussing how this has been coped with by the Islamic Republic, and how external powers have performed in this attempt. From a theoretical perspective, the focus will be on the effectiveness of coercive diplomacy, a form of external inducement and influence strategy whereby foreign powers selectively employ punishments and rewards against a targeted state to induce a desired behaviour. Within this theoretical framework, the research will enquire whether and how coercive diplomacy has contributed to changing Iran's behaviour, on the hypothesis that a targeted country's compliance with outside pressure is more likely when domestic vulnerability and the rewards induced by the targeting state are greater, limiting the threat of punishment only to certain specific conditions.
Research Interests: International Relations of the Middle East, Iranian Foreign Policy, Non-State (Armed) Actors, Sanctions, EU-Iran Relations.

Graduated from: Bachelor's degree from the Catholic University of Milan Master's degree from the University of Pavia.

Degrees obtained: Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages Master's degree in World Politics and International Relations.

E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.