POLS PVES Seminar - Kloetzer & Piacentini - 09/05/2024

 POLS PVES Seminars Series


Cultural value backlash revisited: diversities within Europe's radical right 
Christian Kloetzer

"Am I Radical, Right?" - The Radical Right Family Ideological Outlook and Radical Right Attitude Among the Public 
Francesco Piacentini 

09 May 2024, h.14.30
Seminar Room Passione
Via Passione 15 - Milan 


Christian Kloetzer: Cultural value backlash revisited
European radical-right parties are on a roll. This is evident from recent national election results and polling data, but also from projections for the outcome of the upcoming European elections. The trend affects countries across the continent, and the outliers marked by an absence of a strong radical right in the domestic party system are less and less numerous. Does it follow, however, that the causes for this development are similar between countries? That is what many accounts of these parties' successes imply. Among them are those that identify changes in socio-cultural value patterns as driving a reaction in segments of the electorate (e.g., the cultural backlash hypothesis by Inglehart and Norris, or Christian Welzel's hypothesized reaction to the spread of emancipative values). But the electorates of radical-right parties are not the same across countries, including with regards to their cultural values. I show that these accounts therefore fall short of offering a comprehensive explanation, and investigate the role that cultural values do play depending on the country and region under consideration.

Francesco Piacentini: Am I Radical Right?
The emergence of Radical Right Parties (RRPs) has been one of the most studied political phenomena in the last thirty years, producing a prolific flow of research. Nonetheless, the academic debate is far from being appeased. This work contributes to the debate by looking at the rise of RRPs in Europe through the perspective of their ideological outlook and by investigating both the supply side and the demand side by means of a data-driven machine learning approach.

The aim is to empirically test theoretical studies on the radical right ideology. Starting from party-level data, we check whether those who have been defined as the core features of the radical right family have a crucial role in defining the ideological borders of the radical right. Then, we define the potential voting base by following the ideological characterization that emerged empirically.
Results confirm the centrality of both nativism and authoritarianism (and Euroscepticism, in addition) in shaping the radical right ideological outlook, while economic positions are the main heterogeneity source within the family. We also confirm the emergence of a nativist, authoritarian and Eurosceptic set of attitudes among the public, which significantly shapes the probability to vote for a RRP.

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This seminar is part of the POLS Parties, Voters and Elections Seminar (PVES) Seminar Series (Organizing Committee: Cristiano Vezzoni, Allessandro Pellegata, Jessica Rosco)

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