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The CDO aims at making students aware of the following:

  1. research is a profession with many possible career paths. As the European Research Charter underlines, researchers are professionals engaged in producing new knowledge. Currently, better understanding and innovation are strategic resources of high interest not just to the academy, but also to enterprises, institutions, public and private research institutes
  2. the labour market of a researcher is not anymore narrowly national. Public and private, profit and non-profit institutions that need research competencies more than ever relies on trans-national calls for recruitment. Being able to know, seize and manage these different opportunities is a fundamental skill every researcher shall improve
  3. a career path is a project that has to start and develop as early as the first year, in order to take full advantage of the chances that the status of "doctoral student" opens for professional growth. Networking, paper giving, publications are opportunities that many associations and organizations offer, and that shall be taken.

The CDO's core mission is that of supporting students' career management skills in:

• understanding research environment
• knowing opportunities
• networking
• lifelong development.